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My time here in Spain is wrapping up quickly with only two weeks until I leave the place I’ve called home for the last nine months. For the first time in my life “packing” means little more than throwing my things into a suitcase and calling it day. In the past moving has always involved lots of boxes, masking tape, screwdrivers, trips to goodwill and beers drunk out of stress. Last year I had an all day yard sale with my best-friend-house-mate that made us each a whopping 12 dollars. Without the anxiety of packing and no more trips, lesson planning, visitors or graduate school applications to complete, I have suddenly found myself with an abundance of free time.

I know I will look back at this time with complete and utter jealously in three short months when I enter my first semester of graduate school, but for now, I am searching for things to keep my brain stimulated. Here is a look into how I’ve been passing and marking my final days:

2 Number of kind yet fruitless attempts by Spaniards to teach me to roll my R’s with the saying: “El perro de San Roque no tiene rabo porque Ramon Rodriquiz se lo cortado” (The dog of San Roque has no tail because it was cut by Ramon Rodriquiz).

13 Episodes of Downton Abbey I watched last weekend

17 Jellyfish I avoided on the beach last Sunday

3 Restaurants in Adra that know my drink before I sit down

2 Versions of Fresh Prince theme song (probably more than 2 exist, but 2 is how many I heard sung as I was walking around with my Spanish friends after dinner the other night)

3 Shirts I saw at the local market that said “Living to return to the womb’s kingdom. Meet you there.”

2 Occurrences of hiccups (hipo) this weekend

1 Number of Frankenstein musicals I saw yesterday (or more accurately, the number I have seen in my entire life). 

11 Days until I leave Spain

IMG_2590Too many to count: Friends I’m going to miss when I leave this crazy world.

Crisis: Wounds I got after a nasty fall over a rock during a run

Success: 4 Number of people who waved, yelled my name or honked at me to say hello on my way to the Frankenstein musical (Adra celeb status!)

Key Spanish Words/Phrases: cigaro (cigarette), puro (cigar), vago (lazy), cangrejo (crab), poner de pie (stand up), ovacion (ovation), aplaudir (clap), chasquear (“snap” – although I was told no one ever says the word snap, CRUCIAL information).


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