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Spring Break

Every person knows the most fun thing about being a teacher are the vacation weeks. I just had my first spring break. Unfortunately, it was an experience I never had in university due to extracurriculars. I mean, I'm not complaining, I'm just saying.

I got back late last night after spending eight incredible days in the South of Portugal. I went to Lisboa, Cascais, Sintra, Lagos....I did it right.  

Since a blog post only really allows a writer about five hundred words, I'll try and not waste lines. 

I noticed an immediate difference between Lagos and Lisboa. I am drawn to places that are not overcrowded with tourists. I can't imagine a place like Lagos not being well-known around the globe, but for spring break, it was relatively calm. Families and friends, including mine, gathered around the town square every evening with cones of gelato. Every girl fresh with that Sun-In + tanning oil combo. The classic babe. 

There is one thing that every beach hottie is required to do when traveling to Lagos. If you are young and if you are cool, then you hit up Camilo Beach. Walk down the 247 stairs. Find this rock:


Then, take a picture with this rock. Take a picture standing on the rock, touching the rock, smelling the rock. Around the clock, all ages, people wait their turn to catch a photo with this rock.

Me 2
Me 2
Me 2

It's not famous or well know, in fact it has no name. It's only important because it gets you a lot of likes on Instagram, and a few more followers on Twitter.  

Lisboa (very noble, always loyal #preach) is a little different. Stunning in it's own way, it's a real young city. I would even go as far as saying it's more romantic than Paris- but, what do I know? I've only lived abroad for, like, forever. 


In 1755, an 8.5 earthquake hit Lisboa, destroying most of the city. The people ran to the main plaza in the center of town in hysterics. The plaza, was considered a form of comfort. Unfortunately, an hour after the earthquake hit, a tsunami crashed down over the city. The neighborhood of Alfama is the only neighborhood left with buildings and architecture since that awful year. 


It's a sad story, my tuk tuk driver told me. A tuk tuk is a tourist form of a taxi that drives throughout the city and tells stories about ruins and sites. 

I've seen a lot of unique places in my lifetime, and Portugal is a country I plan on returning to. Saying I loved the culture, the people, the atmosphere- it's not enough. It's indescribable. I believe it's an underrated country and I do hope it's popularity will skyrocket. I believe it will. 

Remember!!! Live Large and Sparkle.





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