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Holiday Adventures Part 1

So the week of Semana Santa (Holy Week) started and ended in Spain for me (with Sevilla being a major highlight), but all the days in between were spent traveling Europe.

From Luxembourg to London to Copenhagen to Dubrovnik, my friends and I mastered hai hai and hai in Danish (hygge was beyond our abilities), toured King's Landing, and discovered that Luxembourgish is a language (but all the signs and official documents in Luxembourg are written in French and/or German). 

One of the aspects of being an Auxiliar that never ceases to amaze me is the ability to travel all over Europe. Flights can be €20 or so if you book far enough in advance, and there are so many requests for private lessons (which typically pay €20/hr in Madrid) that it really doesn't break your budget if you save a little and plan (and don't mind being semi-broke when you get back to Madrid). So, a few photos from my non-Spain Semana Santa adventures:




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