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Holiday Adventures Part 2

Puentes for days...

So each town in the Community of Madrid (including the city of Madrid) is allowed two local holidays per year. They're published in December (google BOCM festivos locales or something like that) and they rock. Madrid's spring holiday was San Isidro Day, but I work in Boadilla del Monte so I still had to go to school. However, Boadilla's holiday was this past Monday (29th May) and it was fabulous because the metro ran normally (on Madrid--city--holidays the metro is usually half capacity and the buses run every hour or so, versus 7-15min like my bus for example) and we got the day off! So I got to experience some San Isidro celebrations since I was in town (because I didn't have a day off) AND got to travel this past weekend (win-win) for my town's holiday. May is a wonderful month ❤

A (very hard to see) dance performance from San Isidro weekend, near the royal palace:



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