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Spring in Spain

Spring in Spain. Honestly, the weather is just so utterly pleasant in April and May. It rains a little bit, though really nothing compared to what I'm used to back home in Nashville or D.C., and the temperatures at midday are in the mid-70s (I understand Celsius but I refuse to conform--it may be better for science, which is debatable because aren't Kelvins better for science?, but Celsius doesn't have the precision of Farenheit! One degree Celsius is such a large difference!).

Anyway, spring here just explains so much. All I want to do is sit with friends and drink at table on the sidewalk for hours and hours while the waiter drops tapas on the table every so often. It's truly the most relaxing, enjoyable way to spend time, and it's a fantastic way to get to know coworkers and meet people. There were so many days these past few months that it was so wonderful to just meet friends for lunch and relax for a bit (seriously, the siesta is a marvelous thing). 

Having such lovely weather has made exploring the city really fun, with all the parks in bloom and the sun shining. A couple sites to visit if you're in Madrid in the Spring: Parque Oeste, Retiro, Plaza de España, and the Templo Debod. As always, a couple photos:

IMG_8208 IMG_8191


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