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First Week of School! A look at the adventures from the week...

First week of school! First week of school!!  

As much as I enjoyed the chance to wander and explore with no real time restrictions, I was so happy to start up a, slightly, more structured routine this week.  Orientation took place at my school on Monday morning - we got our schedules, walked through the school, met the bilingual coordinator and some of the teachers, and became acquainted with the other auxiliars from the school.  It was a relaxed day and after we finished with that we were allowed to go home for the day.  Therefore, technically we didn’t begin in the classrooms until Tuesday.  

I woke up on Tuesday morning, got dressed for the day, had breakfast with the family that I’m living with and then headed off to school with Raquel (side note: I had the awesome luck of becoming an au pair for one of the teachers at the school I’m working at, so I go to school with her and it is awesome).  

Somewhere between the breakfast table and arriving at the school I realized that I was not feeling so great - I, who very rarely gets sick, was on the verge of losing my breakfast in the car.  We made it to the school and I made it to the bathroom before throwing up all that I had eaten for breakfast (and maybe some of dinner?!?).  Instead of introducing myself in the 2nd grade classroom that I start off in on Tuesdays, I was just hoping I’d feel well enough to get through the day.  Thankfully, the teacher was wonderful and had no problem letting me sit out that class (asking me if I needed to go home or needed anything else) and I was fine for the rest of the day.  As much as I wouldn’t wish that on anyone; it was truly reassuring that I am in a great school, where the teachers really do care and are wonderful individuals.  And, I feel like it can only get better from there, right?!  

The rest of the week was great!  I love working with the primary-age students (mainly second graders) and I enjoy meeting and talking with the other auxiliars and teachers in the school.  My schedule is great and, even with the “routine”, there are still daily changes and excitement taking place.  For example, the schedule I received last Monday will be different this Monday as I will switch one of my classes with the students to allow me a time in which I can work with any teachers wishing to practice or study English.  The teachers that I am working with are all very open and excited to collaborate; so I look forward to all the potential opportunities that may arise throughout the year!

I have Fridays off, so I took advantage of the free time to go back to my bank in Madrid and pick up my bank card (since they are only open Monday-Friday).  While I was in the area I stopped at a local coffee shop for breakfast, walked around and found a local shoe store to buy a pair of less dressy/more casual shoes to wear for work, and then made my way back home on the metro.  It was a good start to the weekend...  I had the chance to meet up with friends on Saturday and explore a little more of the city - nothing too exciting, but just enough of a break from all the Spanish to jump back in when I arrived back home to a family birthday party for one of the boys.  I got home a little after 9pm and was able to sit down with all the adults and listen to (and even participate a little in) the conversation!  And today is Sunday - truly a day of rest as I went to Mass in the morning and came home to relax and get prepared for the coming week.  I have to go start laundry, so I have some clean clothes, but I wanted to stop and check in before I head downstairs.  There will be more adventures to share in the coming days (I’m sure), so I’ll write again soon!

(Philippians 4:6-7)



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