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It's an Aqueducto

Here is Spain when you have 2 extra days off from school for the weekends, they call it a puente. When you get three days off, they call it an aqueducto. 

Well that's what last week was. (Thanks random Spanish holiday that I have no idea about or why it is significant)

I now have a new favorite city in Spain because Granada is unbelivable. A city that has both palm trees and mountains should not exist, but it does. It's an incredible city with an Arabic influence, the small town mountain feel I love so much, and the typical Spanish life. You can go to restaurants and grab a drink, but the best part is the tapas are free. You can spend all morning/afternoon looking out over the city as you walk through La Alhambra and then you head to the city to enjoy som drinks and free food. 

Other adventures from the past weekend include Malaga and Sevilla. Malaga has a beach and that's all any city really needs if it doesn't have mountains. But it also has those. Sevilla is another great city for sure. There is so much to do and see. Plus everyone there is super friendly. They warn you that people from the south have an accent that is much more difficult to understand but somehow every single person I talked to I understood. Don't let that fool you though. Some people have such a strong Andalucian accent that you have no idea what they are saying because they have the typical Spain lisp and they just don't use the letter s. As time progresses in Spain it becomes so much easier to understand everyone, and by the end of the year, you too can be a pro at understanding everyone.






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