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The 2016 Oscar’s: Brought to You Live From Luis García Berlanga

         Five months in the making, 3 assistants, 20 students, and an entire staff support network, put on the first ever IES Luis García Berlanga Prom, Oscar’s Edition, and it certainly was a night to remember.


       Everything we had planned for the last few months was ready and organized to be set up throughout the afternoon on Thursday May 26th, a day we had marked, underlined and bolded in our calendars. Immediately after the bell rang, we gathered our three student committees and got to work. Tables here, desks there, backdrop to the right – what we had envisioned, discussed, and tweaked was finally coming together. But it was already 3:00 p.m. and in just a few hours we had to convert the volleyball court into one of Hollywood’s most spectacular nights. So for the remainder of the afternoon we got down to business: we taped down our red carpet, organized the tables, assembled the balloons, laid out all the decorations and put on the final finishing touches while managing to get dressed in about 20 minutes.

    It was 6:45 p.m. and our first guests had showed up. Upon arrival everyone received both a number and a star. The star represented each guest’s Hollywood Star of Fame and the collection of stars as a whole made up the IES Luis García Berlanga Wall of Fame. 110 stars were traced and cut by students and assistants. The numbers were given out randomly and each number corresponded with another guest with the same number, so that later in the night the two people had to find each other and dance together as a pair.




     DSC_5679After they were checked in, the guests made their way down the red carpet (which was destroyed in a matter of minutes) toward the photo section. We had an Oscar’s backdrop generously made and donated to us by a student’s parent’s company. Off to the side were silly props like mustaches, glasses and hats and we hired a student photographer from one of the older grades to take pictures of all of our celebrities.


     A2870c18-aae6-47c9-a0c8-153deb77b2feThe photos called a lot of attention toward the beginning of the night, but the action continued toward the middle of dance floor. A former student volunteered his time to DJ our prom and played the best mix of Top Hits, Raggaeton, and 80’s tunes. Students and teachers didn’t stop moving the entire night. They formed dance circles that congregated in different parts of the floor and did typical Spanish line dancing. The only time the kids weren’t smiling was when they were sitting down to give their poor feet a rest. From 7-10 p.m. exams were out of sight and out of mind and all the other stresses that come with being a teenager were put on hold. For three hours it was pure happiness and bliss.

                  A typical Spanish dinner would not have been eaten until after prom had ended, around D3c79add-36a3-4471-ab3a-c546896ba5b3 10 p.m., but we had so much food and dessert that it’s safe to say there was not much room left for dinner. We had traditional Spanish tapas made by our very own Cafeteria Chef; an endless supply of tortilla, empanadas, and pizzas. For desserts we had a chocolate fondue fountain with strawberries, and three homemade cakes by one of our students. She spent eight hours making these decorative cakes just for the prom!


                  As the sun set and feet in high heels couldn’t last much longer, the night began to dwindle down. We were given a huge amount of cleaning help from the students and staff and were able to make it out by 11 p.m. All in all, it was a perfect night planned by the perfect dream team. Planning the prom with my co-workers, Teresa and Jade, was a smooth, organized, and overall very enjoyable experience. Being able to do this for the kids and staff, while mixing it with a bit of American culture, was very rewarding. We definitely started a tradition, so we know we  have our work cut out for us next year.



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