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Packing Fashion

I'm learning a few things. 

If I am going to live and work in Madrid, Spain, I need to dress and look the part. It's not required, I wouldn't mind being a tourist for an entire year and mixing up my 'ir' and 'er' conjugated verbs. That would be silly, and being silly is fun. I have a goal, which is to be as fun and flirty as possible. 

I. Must. Sparkle. 

This reasonable and easily achievable target (if I work hard enough) makes packing complicated. Now that I am almost done with the process, I have drafted up a few steps I took to reach completion. 

Step One: See the clothes in your closet? Put them all on your brothers bed, not your bed; where would you sleep? Lil bro gets the couch. 

Step Two: It is humanly possible to fit those clothes in two suitcases. Fold, refold, and refold until it fits. 

Everyone wants to splurge on something new for their big bon voyage. I consider this the bonus question on a final exam. Can you, or can you not, save enough space in the suitcase for a fresh off-the-rack outfit? The good news: I got this question right. 

Below is my new romper. 

Spain 1

She comes from Planet Blue, 191 Lafayette. Straight out of SoHo, Manhattan. A real beauty from my favorite designer, For Love and Lemons. I don't own a romper. This is my first so I wanted to open with a bang. I see myself walking through the streets of Madrid, adventuring and snapping cool pics for social media. All a while wearing my new romper, of course. 

^I get to make this happen because I got the bonus question right. 

I am going to eat pastries that are too beautiful to be edible, while wearing my romper. I am going to hold a hot loaf of bread, while wearing my new romper. 

There will be plenty of clothes to buy in Spain but every girl needs a little something to spark the fashionable inspiration before cruising into a city like Madrid. 

"Gospel." That's what Coco Chanel would say.







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