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Happy Thanksgiving

Madrid is a different being in the winter. 'Tis the season. I could almost say it happened overnight. The city went from gray and cold, to this:


In my opinion, I think New York might take the win on the worlds greatest Christmas tree, but Madrid puts up a good fight. The lights are mesmerizing.  Unfortunately all the bulbs like to turn off at around 1:30 in the morning, which is somewhat hypocritical since Madrid sleeps less than the Big Apple. 


Only a couple weeks ago, half of the Hadid family were represented all over that billboard. 

The lights got hung up around the beginning of November. Santa's elves would hang  the unlit lights late at night. The elves would do it in front of every passer-by on the street. For those who observed, it was easy to question where they were going with the design. Magically enough, it seems to have worked quite well. I need to remember to never doubt the creative minds from the North Pole. The lighting ceremony took place on Thanksgiving this year, how ironic. 

I've never felt such a dramatic change within a community, simply due to an upcoming holiday. Every plaza has its own market. Although, I'm somewhat confused, the most popular market items up for sale are a variety of colored wigs (more on that later). You can have your choice of red, pink, dark purple, blue, glitter green, and red violet. I'm confident when I say every store has been officially stocked since last Monday. 


Starbucks holiday cups clutter the hands of locals, tourists, and me. I'm a regular order of the Gingerbread Latte Christmas Blend, grande.  Every corner has some sort of merry-go-round. I even saw a cotton candy stand chilling on the side of the road today. A young adult was eating a pink wad of it while dressed as a cow. It's all kind of incredible. The city turned in to a giant festival. 

All of the merriment floating around in the air is making me even more excited for the month of December to finally begin.

Live Large and Sparkle.





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