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5 Spanish Trends

I don't consider this my New Years resolution list, because I have particular things on that list that I will be sharing for another time. 

Since living in Spain, I picked up on a few cultural trends in the lifestyle and fashion department. I'm turning this into a check list of things I want to add to my life in the new year- again, these are not my resolutions. 

1. Number one is going to be rollerblading. Rollerblading was my childhood. I would say I used to rollerblade with my next door neighbor the way some kids used to ride their bike. This was before the iPhone of course. Everybody rollerblades in Spain. Three kids I tutor: Jimena, Javier, and Gadea, rollerblade every Monday and Wednesday evenings in Retiro Park. Once, while walking out of The Good Burger (McDonalds on steroids) at around eleven o' clock at night, a couple was rollerblading by, holding hands and wearing light-up jewelry. 

I don't think about my rollerblading years too often, but Spain is sparking that part of my brain into action again. 


2. Number two is dark lipstick. The kind of dark lipstick that Kylie Jenner is obsessed with. Dark purple, almost brown. Dark blue, almost black. Nobody wears pink lipstick. 'No pink lipstick' kills me. Anybody who knows me would say I was born with bubblegum pink lips. Pink lips are my thing. I've decided if picking a new lip color is what's required to fit in with the local chicas, then I choose a dark plum purple. I'll photograph my final selection.

3. The white sneakers. This could have been a trend in America as well, I've heard rumors about it. But everyone knows I was in Africa last year, so give me a little break- the trends still new to me. There isn't much to say about this other then, you must own a pair of white sneakers. Preferably Adidas, Puma, or Nike. If you wear New Balance, the Spaniards prefer those to be in color. It's about the only thing they would ever be caught dead wearing in a color other than black, dark purple, gray, or brown.


4. The difference between platform shoes in America and platform shoes in Spain is that people in America just like to say they wear platforms, when in reality it's really only about a half inch subtle heel. Platform shoes in Spain are worn by everyone. Older women, high schoolers, strippers, young adults- everyone is wearing platforms. The platforms look like you just sawed off a block of wood from shop class and superglued it to the bottom of your boot and painted it black. Not going to lie, I love it, I want it, I need it.

5. Last I have pom poms. If you don't know what I'm talking about, the pom pom looks like a ball of fluff pinned to your back pack or purse like a key chain. A ball of fake fur, in other words. Or maybe real fur...

It's cool. It screams posh if worn with the proper outfit. I'm determined to add one of these to my collection of accessories as soon as I get my next pay check.  

I'm not in touch with American fashion as much as I used to anymore. It's sad but I also enjoy the slow evolution of what my wardrobe is turning into. It's a different life out here and sometimes writing these words isn't enough to capture the way I feel.

Live Large and Sparkle.





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