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Kilometre Zero

Last weekend I had a tranquil saunter through the chilly city, under Christmas lights, and in good company. We had no destination in mind, yet found ourselves in an Irish pub watching the Barcelona vs. Real Madrid game. We moved farther towards the center of the city to find pizza and papas fritas. We noticed a small bus cruising around the center and thought, why not? So we jumped on with no place to go, ate our food, and engaged in a nice conversation with a Spaniard. We jumped off once our food was finished and our hands warmed to satisfaction. Every now and then, no destination can end up being the best.

The next day we set out for coffee and postcards and I had a little side mission to find the zero kilometer origin of Spain.


I found Kilometre Zero, or in other words the “zero mile marker” used traditionally to measure distances for roads and guidebooks. It’s located in Puerta del Sol in front of the old Royal House of the Post Office. I found it in a tourist guide magazine before looking for it in person and sure enough I stumbled upon a huddle of tourists looking down and snapping photos.

Sometimes we’re so busy planning our weekend trips and vacations that we forget to have a simple jaunt around the city we’re in. So please, this holiday season, make sure to enjoy the sights in the area you’re in. Sometimes the simplest pleasures hold the least amount of pressure and bring the most joy.


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