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My Typical Work Week

Ever wonder what your schedule might be like if you decide to become an auxiliar? Keep reading to see mine! 

Through the Communidad de Madrid, I was assigned to work 16 hours a week at the school to which they assigned me. While the pay is enough to live off of in Madrid, I also wanted to have the ability to travel, so I've added another 12 hours a week in private classes to my schedule. The total hours I work per week is still under 30, which is incredibly amazing to me considering that I came from a job where I was working approximately 50-60 hours a week.

Each school is going to be different, so my schedule probably won't be your schedule if you decide to teach abroad, but it might be fairly similar. I'm at a middle school right now, which means that classes start at 8:30 am and last until 3:30 pm, however, elementary schools have a shorter day. Our English coordinator gave us the option of taking Mondays OR Fridays off, but some schools will go ahead and assign your day off (we only work 4 days a week). I chose Fridays to have off as most private students prefer to have classes Monday-Thursday and students at school are ready for the weekend by Fridays and aren't always as attentive.

10:10 am Art 
11:00 am Coffee break
11:30 am English 
12:25 am Technology (this class changed it schedule, so now I have an extra hour free here to lesson plan, etc.)
1:20 pm Lesson planning time
2:15 pm Short break
2:25 pm Art

4:15-5:15 pm Private class
6:00-8:00 pm Private classes

10:10 am English
11:00 am Conversation class with 3 of the teachers
11:30 am Lesson planning
12:25 am Art
1:20 pm English
2:15 pm Short break
2:25 pm Art 

5:00-6:00 pm Private class
6:45-7:45 pm Private class

10:10 am English
11:00 am Coffee break
11:30 am Art
12:25 pm Art
1:20 pm Art

5:30-6:30 pm Private class
7:00-9:00 pm Private classes

11:00 am Conversation class with 4 of the teachers
11:30 am Art
12:25 pm Art
1:20 pm Art

3:00-4:00 Private class
5:00-7:00 Private classes 

One thing to keep in mind is that where you live and how far away your school and private classes are can add quite a bit of time on the metro. Most people live about 40 minutes away via metro from their schools and have a 30-60 minute commute between private classes, but it's all up to you and how far you are willing to travel. I keep everything within a travel time of 30-45 minutes or less and use that time to practice my Spanish via the Duolingo app, read, check email/Facebook, or just have fun people watching. 

What's the best part of my schedule? Besides loving the students that I get to teach? Having a three day weekend every week! It's incredibly refreshing. I can take a short trip or have a weekend to rest, relax, have fun, AND get everything done that I need to. On the weekends that I'm not traveling, I usually have a tennis lesson on Friday, go hiking with friends on Saturday (the mountains are only an hour and a half via cercanillas from Madrid- which is included in your $20 a month transportation card if you are under 26 years old), and go to church and a coffee shop to work  on my blog on Sundays. 

Even better still? Spain has a crazy amount of holidays! Every month there is at least one or two days off somewhere on the calendar, which may not always affect you, depending on whether or not you have Mondays or Fridays off. With that said though, February is the only month without an extra day off for me since the holiday falls on a Friday and I don't work those days anyway (BUT I still have those 3 day weekends every week!). 


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