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The New Auxiliar in Town

One of our auxiliars had to return home for good over winter break, leaving my school short an assistant. Because of the short time from when the auxiliar notified the school she could not return after winter break to the start of classes in January, we had to find someone who was either an EU citizen or had legal permanent residence/visa that would allow that person to work in our school. Luckily, one of our teachers is married to an American citizen who was studying education in grad school. He was up for the job, and we met our new Auxiliar a couple weeks ago.

Which meant we could *finally* finish our meet the auxiliars bulletin board which we had been working on since October (a day in the life of an auxiliar at our school involves a lot of one-on-one time with students or lesson support with teachers and not much time for crafts). So when a fellow auxiliar and I had to come in our day off (we are making up some days), we got to work on all things decoration/motivational poster inspired.

How'd we do?




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