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Nothing ventured nothing gained

            My mom always said this quote to me growing up. Nothing ventured nothing gained. I slowly understood the meaning more and more as I gained more life experience. How am I supposed to gain anything, whether it is personal or professional, if I don’t venture and immerse myself in new experiences? Shoutout to my parents who instilled the adventurous quality in me. Exploring is now a deeply rooted part of my identity.

            Ever since I studied in Chile 3 years ago, a little voice has been nagging at me to move abroad again. It wasn’t until the voice was shouting that I took the big first step: I applied to a bunch of international programs and jobs. In the midst of other applications, I got accepted to the CIEE teach abroad program in Spain! With only 10 days to decide on my fate, I said, “why not!” and accepted the position. Since that monumental day of acceptance, my decision to move to Spain feels as good as a snuggly glove.

            I don’t know where my life will take me next summer when my teaching duties have been fulfilled. Will I stay in Spain? Will I continue on as a teacher? A writer? It’s anyone’s guess. What I do know is that from the moment I step off that plane, each and every experience I gain will water those roots that allow me to keep growing.

            So despite the last minute packing chaos and pre-departure nerves, I feel more ready than ever to leap into a new chapter. I’m pleasantly surprised at myself for making such a big life change and I hope this sets precedence for bold decisions throughout my life. But before I get ahead of myself, I’m soaking in this moment in time when my journey is taking me to teach English in Spain. I’m grabbing the bull by the horns (Pamplona, anyone?) and jumping into my madriculous adventures.


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