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Trying New Things

Back in the States I would always tell myself I should try new things; learn to play the guitar, practice a new language, draw more. These are things I am passionate about but between work, school, and that Los Angeles commute I never seemed to find the time to do them.

Here in Madrid things are much more simple, I have found out that I actually have time to enjoy life. I started drawing again, I ran in Retiro, and I am practicing German (ironic because I am in a Spanish speaking country). I have also begun to travel a bit which brings me to the point of this post. When I travel, I enjoy taking pictures and videos of my experiences like any other person. My problem is that I capture these memories and they end up locked up in my hard-drive never to be seen again. So what I decided to do this time is to create montage video of these memories. Adobe Premiere is a video editing program that like many other things I have wanted to try but never had the time to do it. 

So here is my first attempt with this program. Hope you enjoy it.

 And if you are in Madrid do not be afraid to try new this, even if its sitting on a bench people watch. 
The simplest things can bring much joy.


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