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Getting in the groove

In the last few weeks, I’ve finally established a routine here in Madrid. Maybe this sounds dull, but it’s quite exciting for me! Routine means I’m finding my groove in my new city. Besides, my routine is anything but dull; it’s like a roller coaster that I’ve been on before but it still surprises me. My job keeps me on my toes and I find new treasures all over city everyday. Yet knowing my routine has made Madrid a cozy place for me to call home.

Here’s a little snapshot into what I do on a daily basis!

Monday through Thursday I go to the high school. Every day I’m there I lead a Global Classrooms (GC) session. (I’ll get into GC more another time.) MTW I also have a variety of English classes with which I assist. And Thursdays I have my Ethics class. Oh how I love my ethics class. It’s right up my alley and the students are too dang smart it’s amazing.

After I’m done with classes, I have a couple hours for break in which I either go home to eat lunch or I go to a library or cultural center to buckle down on some work. The libraries and cultural centers are incredible. I’ve found a few gems that have kept me coming back. For those of you living local, check here and here and here.

Next I scoot my tush on over to an elementary school on the east side of Madrid to pick up a 7-year-old girl from school. I walk her home and chat with her in English for an hour. She tells me made-up jokes and about her favorite toy that day.

If it’s a Monday or Wednesday, my last stop of the day is downtown Madrid where I take an evening Spanish class. At the moment, there are 7 students in my class and we are from all over: France, England, Italy, Portugal, and Russia. Hearing the different accents has been interesting, and I especially love talking with people on my same level of Spanish and listening to their perspective of Spain/Spanish.

The days are pretty structured all the way up until the weekend when I have three days to explore Madrid and the surrounding area. Then it’s anyone’s guess what I’ll do!




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