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How is Tomorrow December?

If tomorrow is December that means I have been in Spain for over 3 months. How? 101 days? I don't believe it. In all of those days I have learned an incredible amount about everything. From the differences between Spain Spanish and Spanish we learned in high school, to new customs, and some new recipes. 

This month alone has been filled with adventures in and out of the school. On Monday I went on a field trip with the students to Navacerrada to go hiking in the mountains. The best part is that even if we are walking down a mountain side there are still things to teach about. That day happened to have some forest service workers doing controlled burns and we taught the students why that was important. They didn't think they were going to learn any thing on a gym class field trip, but I disagreed with them. Outside of school the weekend adventures have continued and will continue next week as I travel to Southern Spain for the "Puente" (no school Wed-Fri).

The weather has finally started to cool off. I haven't really needed a jacket until this last week but I am thankful the cold is finally here because walking around in shorts on the weekends really doesn't say December to me. I may be slightly biased growing up in Colorado and going to school in Montana but the cold feels great. The auxilar at my school from Florida thinks I am crazy.  

Update from Thanksgiving: I broke the oven my turkey was so large (but we fixed it) and the neighbors came dressed in overalls /flannel/cowboy hats and boots to be super Americans for the day. All in all it worked out and the turkey was perfect. IMG_20171128_170225_971

Photo is from the hike on Tuesday.


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