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So far, so good

After a hectic October, it seems that we are all settled in here in Madrid. I was lucky to get housing fairly early. My experience in a Spanish apartment has been really positive. Although I don't see my housemates very often (we all work at different times and in different places), I am thankful for the experience.

Working has been challenging and rewarding. We have a lot of freedom to plan lessons as we like. There are some resources that we must use, but other times when a client requests lessons on certain subjects or I can see that a client needs extra work on one aspect of English, I have the freedom to dedicate a lesson to phrasal verbs or comparative/superlative structures. 

We start our online Spanish classes next week. Placements tests were last week, including a difficult Skype conversation to test speaking ability. I was placed at the A2 level, which is honestly better than I expected. I am happy to finally get some class time in that is dedicated to learning Spanish. The way my schedule works, I teach two classes out in Madrid and then I will have my Skype class in the afternoon. I think that it will be useful as it is the same platform that my own clients use. This way, I will be better able to understand what my clients do to prepare for my class. I have not met my teacher yet, it is someone different from who I talked with when I was completing my placement test. 

I don't get to speak much Spanish during work hours, and I must confess that I listen to audiobooks and music in English, which is something that I should change if I really want to engage in what is going on here in Madrid. It is very easy to zone out on the train on the way to work. I have started meeting with an intercambio (language exchange) group once a week. I wish that we could meet more often, to be honest.

I will be sure to give more details next month after I have been practicing my Spanish for a few more weeks. 



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