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A Few of My Favorite Things

Welp. It's the end of the semester and somehow we are all still alive. In the last two-ish months teaching I have learned an incredible amount of random things. From new words in Spanish to actually learning about the tenses we have in English it seems like I am the student again.  Here are a few of my favorite things from this last semester at my high school.

1. When the students ask me (or any of the Auxiliars) to speak in Spanish. They try to trick you while you are in class by asking you (mostly productive or questions regarding how to say a word) in Spanish and you can always respond in English. Then when they try and just chat with you in Spanish and you pretend you have no clue what they are saying so that way they work on English. They hate it. I love it. Sometimes I will say one or two words in the hallway or outside just because the excitement they get from even saying hola make you smile every single time.

2. The students asking you all kinds of questions about everything. They love to know about who you are and what you are doing. They also love to know more about specific subjects. I am in a biology class and some of the students stayed late just to learn more about red-blood cells and how you can tell when they look right or wrong in a microscope. Luckily I have a degree in that so I was able to explain more.

3. The other teachers. Some of them only know about 6 words in English, but boy will they show you. They always want to chat and even if they can only say hello, they still will always say hello and then they start talking in Spanish. 

4. The fact that I am learning just as much as they are. The other day we learned about the dfferent conditional tenses and I didn't even know we had 3 different ones in the English language. 

5. The students as a whole. They are fantastic. Some have drawing of dinosaurs that they just have to show you so that way they can talk to you and then show you all the facts they have learned about it as well. They will show you new tricks they learned. Some of them will go out of their way to tell you they like your dress you are wearing. All of them love to laugh with you and even if you have totally distracted them from the topic and are trying not to completely derail the class they love to just laugh with you. You can be silly and have a good time and somehow still get work done. Half the time they work harder just so they can finish their work and talk to you.

This semester has been a great one and I am so excited to get back in January.


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