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“Have courage and be kind.” — 2018 New Year’s Resolutions!

Well, as promised, here you are - a glimpse at my 2018 New Year’s Resolutions: 

  1. Appreciate the gifts I’ve been given (and make the most of them).  This year, I want to be more mindful of the life I get to live, so as not to take any of the blessings in my life for granted!  The chance to teach abroad - living with an incredible family, working at a great school, meeting amazing people, having the opportunity to travel - is something that many people only dream about.
  2. Worry less.  Two of the most common phrases I have continually heard since I arrived in Madrid are “No te preocupes” and “No pasa nada.”  More or less, they are phrases used to say “don’t worry about it.” (Which tends to drive me crazy because I already am worrying about it! - whatever “it” may be.)  My constant worrying is something that seems out of place in the more laid-back culture I’ve experienced here in Spain. (Just ask anyone that I’ve met up with, as I frantically rush to arrive at the pre-planned location 5 minutes early!)  While I don’t want to lose my desire to be, respectfully, prompt; I would like to let go of some of the anxiety I create for myself as I set these unnecessary expectations, and maybe embrace the Spanish idea that there’s really not any reason to worry - at least not all the time.
  3. Be brave. I want to push myself to step outside of my comfort zone - whether that’s going on a solo-adventure throughout Europe, talking to a stranger (in another language!), being open to new relationships, or learning a new type of dance.
  4. Be kind. (To others, of course, and also to myself)  Like many people, I often resolve to be healthier or lose weight or whatnot.  But, this year I had a thought, I decided that - rather than worry about a size or a number - I will work to be more kind to myself this coming year. So, if I’m not happy with how I look, I will strive to love my body better and recognize the strength I have (as I lace up my sneakers for a run) and use that as my motivation instead of trying to create a change out of disgust.  Or, if I “fail” at being as brave as I’d like to be, I’m going to choose to not beat myself up but to try again the next time an opportunity comes around.

And there you have it... my Resolutions for my time here in Spain and for the year!  I hope we all can “have courage and be kind” this  year, as we see just where, exactly, that might take us.


(Heb 12:1)


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