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Fall Teaching Highlights

The first semester has wrapped up and before I dive into the second half of my year, I’d like to take time to reflect on the highlights from the fall. Teaching can be an overwhelming job for me which can sometimes feel like I’m not accomplishing much, especially when time flies by so quickly. I work to take pride in the little moments because it shows how much my efforts are paying off! Below are some of the moments that made me smile in the last four months.

  • When a student sent me an email asking for extra help.
  • When my students engaged in a passionate discussion about feminism.
  • When my students started singing along to Reflections by the MisterWives during a lesson on phrasal verbs, despite never having heard it before.
  • When I showed a clip from The Office during a lesson on TV comedies and they fell in love with it (most had never seen it before).
  • When the teacher was sick and I led the class by myself without much prep and they listened (I may have bribed them with a clip from The Office).
  • When the mock conference that I planned for Global Classrooms (like Model UN) went beautifully.
  • When a teacher whom I don’t directly work with told me he heard I was doing a good job.

Looking forward to the next round of highlights!




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