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First Post- An Introduction

Hey All (and by that I mean the few people who will read this),

In a little less than 2 months I will be leaving to live and teach in a country I have never been to, and one in which I barely speak the language. I have always wanted to travel, but something has always held me back (mostly $$).  I moved from Massachusetts to Florida a few years ago to work for Disney. I was sick of the winters that MA had to offer, so I packed up my car and moved to the Sunshine State. I didn't last long with Disney because that whole $$ thing again. I went back to being a nanny which I had done for 8 years prior. I have been with the most INCREDIBLE family I could imagine for the last 2 years, but my kids are in school full time and now I am looking to do some of that traveling I've always wanted to do.

I chose Spain because I've had a slight obsession with it for the past 14 years, due to my insane love of Rafael Nadal. Who can blame me?! I have had goals of wanting to learn a new language, travel a lot, travel alone, go to a country that doesn't speak my language, and work in a new country for a while now. I am so excited I can finally work on making these things a reality.

Those who know me are well aware I'm not big on pictures. I don't take selfies, and I don't like photos being taken of me. Most pictures I take are of really random stuff that doesn't interest many people but myself. I am hoping this blog will force me to take more pictures than I'm used to. Something tells me there are a lot of bigger things that will be pushing me outside of my comfort zone than a few pictures.

I hope I will be somewhat entertaining and informative! 


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