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Summer is coming!

Well, it’s a fact, the end of the school year universally equates to the total breakdown of routine and a mass quantity of insanity.  As summer break draws closer, the weather gets nicer, students get more antsy and teachers get more relaxed.  We finished the last of the exams and projects the first two weeks of June, leaving our last week of class for review, games and fun (also known as “complete and utter chaos”).  It was a blast!  For my classes, it was a week where anything seemed to go.  I had the chance to do games, practice routine questions, help with art activities, join in a massive water fight and even compete in a students vs teachers football game (which we won, 3-2).  We even made affirmation sheets for all of the students, that were then laminated for the students to take home as a reminder of the year and all the good that their classmates see in them.  

As the last week of classes began, it hit me that both of the 2nd grade teachers that I had primarily been working with would not be returning in the fall to work with me or the students. I wanted to do something for them to remember our classes by, so I made the decision that the classes would create a “class” painting.  Of course I decided this on Wednesday, so Thursday and Friday were a bit more hectic than they would have been otherwise... but in the end, it was a project worth doing!

As I worked with each student, one more time, individually, I was able to take some time to appreciate just how much they have taught me the past 9 months...  Even the most challenging student has his or her own streak of greatness and, as an educator, I hope I can always seek out that greatness and celebrate it.  I hope that I can always see the beauty behind the mess and the child behind the reaction.  

I look forward for the adventures to come but, for now, I am excited to celebrate the summer that’s here!  


(2 Tim. 4:7)



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